Neate Imaging has tested

numerous different material

samples and successfully used digital enhancement techniques to remove the texture created by the fabric weave.

Chemical Processes

Over the years we have tested numerous fabric samples using, DFO, Amido Black, Coomassie blue, Hungarian Red and Luco Crystal Violet. We have found that both Amido Black and Coomassie Blue produce excellent results.

Crime scene Investigation

If you have an investigation (past or present) where DNA has been recovered, and items such as clothing, bed linen, curtains etc contain blood residues - call us, we can provide the following:-


Expert analysis of the exhibits to determine if they are suitable for chemical treatments.


Assessment of the material type to advise on the most effective chemical process.


Chemical treatment of the exhibits.


Training for your Laboratory staff on the application of the chemical  Processes.


Digital Enhancement of the chemically developed finger/palm impressions

Fingerprints in Blood on Materials