s The Science of Digital Fingerprints

In the early 1990’s Esther Neate, who worked as a Forensic Specialist for a UK Police Force, began researching newly emerging Digital Technology to optimise Fingerprint Evidence. The system she developed was reported in numerous publications, and featured in an episode of BBC Tomorrows World in 1998. In a partnership with Foster and Freeman ltd. it was first marketed in 2000 as the DCS121.

Today it is recognised as the DCS5. It is a world leading technology used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Esther lectures and trains extensively both at International conferences and with individual Law Enforcement agencies.

In September 2000, Esther was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for her work in Digital Imaging from Elizabeth Neville, the then Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police. Esther then attended (with two other Police Officers) a reception with the then Prime Minister Tony Blair, and his cabinet, a reception for Excellence in Policing at 10 Downing Street, London.

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